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Remember Our Veterans
Success Stories

Here are just a few of our recent successes and endorsements.
(Most of the people we work with prefer to be anonymous)

"Your program looks outstanding for a main stream approach. What you are offering to Veterans is a blessing. That is pretty much what I do for PTSD- only I add Medical Qigong, Meditation and Auricular Electro-therapy to calm the nervous system. I can only treat two at a time.  You have the ability to treat the masses.
Good luck with your program. I endorse your message."

George Xavier Love
Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
Licensed Acupuncture Physician
Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong Master

"I feel ten years younger after using PTSD Solution. Everything is clearer and easier to enjoy"

N. A. Williams Spokane, WA
"My life is so much improved with the 3 steps of PTSD Solution I no longer have a desire or craving to drink alcohol, amazing! Gimee 3 steps!
A. McClung Spokane, WA
"I have been through numerous counseling sessions with some results, but PTSD Solution works in a completely different way. Everybody who knows me says I got my life back.

D. Roellich Millwood, WA
Are you in a financial position to help us help a Vet today?
Unfortunately, there are hard costs with this project.
Here is what we do with your donations:
  • Locate 'off the radar' Veterans with PTSD
  • Be their friend and introduce them to this program
  • Council them on Meridian Tapping
  • Give them a 15 day supply of SAM-e
  • Give them a 15 day supply of of Turmeric/Curcumin
  • And follow up on their well being

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